this site is where 3 facets of my life meets; (1) my social project life, (2) my musings on everything and anythings that’s frankly not worth anyone’s time, and (3) tips + tales as a vagabond

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Project Life

social citizen is envisioned to be a site {under construction} dedicated to all things that makes Malaysia what it is; the unique food, customs + culture, the colloquial Manglish + anything that’s been thrown into our colourful, vibrant melting pot of multi ethnicity, religion and generation.

I would be most appreciative of any contribution towards this initiative, be it short stories, information of funny unique words you know, peculiar food …etc., tips of all queer and totally Malaysian as well as illustrators.

Although I am a successful social preneur, I continue to look out for any ventures worth investing resources into. Green tech/ renewable energy, IT solutions are of primary interest, though don’t let those stop you from contacting me if you have a zany idea!

social stories will replace my {soon to be defunct and deactivated} photoblog to feature a gallery of the past pro bono work I have done for NGOs, as well as private photo documentary projects I have done … and/or currently pursuing/ planning to pursue.

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