Kangbashi …

It’s not food.  It’s not me cursing in some uncommon language.

It’s a place.  The BIGGEST ghost town in China to be exact … and I’m going to let the numbers do the talking …


Back in the day, I’d be the few to research to death on how to get there – the path less traveled-cum-ghost cities or abandoned places …

Like the visit to Fatehpur Sikri or Pripyat. With the latter I had received mocking childish comments like “why don’t you just stick your head into the microwave” which conjured images of Sylvia Plath‘s final moment. 

Well, not that I’ve seem images of her head being gassed in the oven, or intend to, but curiously while growing up I had imagined a charred head! and wondered wide-eyed awake in the middle of the night how did the oven get hot with the doors open and/or how did she keep her head in there when it got hotter and hotter – yes, I had insomniac tendencies as a child!

And since I’ve digressed, a little more wouldn’t help … as an adult, I wonder if suicidal tendencies is genetic, having learned that Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes son had chosen the same path … if you must know, daddy Ted took his own life and so did his second wife!!!

Anyways, I was just going to say that someone has beaten me to Kangbashi – read his blog and view the photos here – and strangely this year, I have no zest, will, desire to travel!

Sure, I still research and plan – I must. I derive more joy doing this than actually filling up visa forms and immigration cards. And I most definitely prefer my bed 8/10 times to a hotel’s … though some hotels are super cool until I realise the hole it had caused in my pocket!

Nonetheless, I thought this place – this Kangbashi, Ordos … outpost/ abandoned city (of once great glory?) in the remote part of Mongolia – should be made known to my friends and readers who may be inspired to go.