He’s corny?!? … well, you’re all phoney

In strange ways, the people you least expect to get you, gets you.

The people whom you should not be associated with, for reasons best known to the normal man on the street, totally gets you.

I wouldn’t say I fall into the “eccentric” category. That’s too much of a compliment for me.

“Enigma” is a little too sophisticated.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

But the word commonly uttered about him – CORNY – I think it’s downright insulting.

I am sorry. But I do take their remarks about him personally.

For starters, that makes me corny too.

But what truly upsets me is why can’t anyone appreciates or acknowledge that at least he has the balls to say “to hell with the world! this is ME”.

He’s not ashamed to be him. To reveal himself. To clown aroud. To embrace his inner child. and to cheer us me up.

Frankly, anyone who calls him “corny” is seriously phoney with the make believe that “I am so prim and pro-pah”, and yet take photos with Kate Middleton and Will, Duke of Cambridge life-size cardboard cut-out.

And yet you email me damaging emails surmountable to evidence for constructive dismissal!

Here’s what you are:

……… phoney
……… ˈfəʊni/
……… adjective: phony – not genuine; fraudulent
……… noun: phony – a fraudulent person or thing