He’s corny?!? … well, you’re all phoney

In strange ways, the people you least expect to get you, gets you.

The people whom you should not be associated with, for reasons best known to the normal man on the street, totally gets you.

I wouldn’t say I fall into the “eccentric” category. That’s too much of a compliment for me.

“Enigma” is a little too sophisticated.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

But the word commonly uttered about him – CORNY – I think it’s downright insulting.

I am sorry. But I do take their remarks about him personally.

For starters, that makes me corny too.

But what truly upsets me is why can’t anyone appreciates or acknowledge that at least he has the balls to say “to hell with the world! this is ME”.

He’s not ashamed to be him. To reveal himself. To clown aroud. To embrace his inner child. and to cheer us me up.

Frankly, anyone who calls him “corny” is seriously phoney with the make believe that “I am so prim and pro-pah”, and yet take photos with Kate Middleton and Will, Duke of Cambridge life-size cardboard cut-out.

And yet you email me damaging emails surmountable to evidence for constructive dismissal!

Here’s what you are:

……… phoney
……… ˈfəʊni/
……… adjective: phony – not genuine; fraudulent
……… noun: phony – a fraudulent person or thing



dense + daft

I’m thinking:

seriously?!? I MEAN ARE YOU {BLIP-ing} SERIOUS?!?

I am a softie. I am logical. I can be tough when pushed to a corner, but mostly I am a softie.

So, when it makes sense and I can convince myself {don’t try to ‘sell, persuade, cajole’ me … when I’m in that zone}, you freaking get a second chance. I don’t hold grudges in these instances. You get a clean slate.

But listen, this is your second START from a not so distance STOP.

And I said I don’t hold grudges, but that does not mean I have a short-term memory.


In your case, it was a STOP that was really a big fat FULL.STOP. So FULL that I was so close to pulling the plug.

So really, don’t push me. Don’t even freaking think it’s funny and that you could try your luck. I am really still in that zone.


But that’s what it is with people these days. The young ones especially.

Makes you wonder if some how one of their 23-paired chromosomes have misfired. It’s as if they are born void of any sensitivity, self awareness and wider social awareness of nuances. In short, seriously dense and daft.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

pHaque Stupid Quote

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

But I’m thinking: who’s seriously the dense and daft one? 


I was told to cut lost.

Now that I think about it – thanks to some itch you had by sending me the world’s stupidest message of the century –  I should have just cut you lose. Well, maybe the next time when you climb over my head, I shall pull the plug. I am 100% sure you would step beyond the invisible line …

hmmm… occasionally it’s blissful to be in the position of authority.


what happened to ‘fullstop’…

{this blog post is likely to have loads of grammatical, typo and spelling error – but common’ you’ll get the drift when you read – i’ve not slept much – from not having a choice to now being an insomniac} 

I reviewed a 32 page slide report today. Nothing rocket science. Well, it really depends on who I assign the work to, and if I recall correctly just 17 hours before I reviewed that deck, I had woken up in cold sweat shouting:


I know. It’s pathetic. My life have been reduced to a semi-conscious shaking leaf over some table with numbers in them. I really need to get hold of myself.

But the point is, at page 28 … my heart took a leap! My fingers appeared to unconsciously grip the lime green roller ball pen in my hand harder. The vein that runs along my temples starts pumping more blood. WHAT IS THAT?!? WHY THE {blip} IS IT THERE? I put a huge circle around it and scribbled a note that goes like this:

FULL STOP!!! Why is there a full stop here?

32 pages with no full stop, but one?!?

Please remove and be consistent!

hmmm… Was it because this was the error of the very same associate that keeps me awake with potentially bad work? Was it because this is someone I am tired off?

Sure, I am anal. Heck, it’s a known fact that I have OCD. Had it been 132 pages, I would have spotted it. 1,132 pages with adequate sleep (hence, bother) I would have spotted it. This fact is of course unfortunate for those who lacks attention for detail. This fact is of course tragic for most of the subordinates I had in the past. But hey, I deal with numbers. analytics. patterns. It is a BIG deal.

But the truth is, this thought had bothered me for the longest of time and the only reason I had resisted to write it down in my blog is because a current client of mine had said that she reads my blogs and finds it interesting that I can go on about nothing (off tangent) and yet make ithmmm … interesting. Occasionally insightful, but nevertheless entertaining. I get conscious when someone tells me this. I stop writing for a while. I am an introvert by nature.

but anyhow, what did fullstop do to us?  

seriously, what’s the vengeance?

did it elope with semicolon?

or did it trip dash into being an exclamation mark?

yes, the question of: what is it that consultants have against full.stops? keeps me awake too…

And why consultants?

Well, here’s the thing: I used to (seriously I am not joking), dot every “i”, cross every “t” and puncture a printout with “.” whenever a consultant turns in a report to me without the dots in my corporate life.

And now, everyone around me avoids fullstop like a plague.